Rahul is onboard the Chennai Express and has luckily got a seat opposite Meena.. Now he wants to impress her, but he can’t do it alone. Help him Patao Meena!!
He surely can’t do it alone! Let’s help Rahul break the ice by picking the best option.
A red rose always gets to a girl’s heart
Should he try being a gentleman?
Oops, that didn’t work out! Maybe she will fall for some funny antics!
Try a Fool-Gobi
Do the monkey act!
Oh oh! Meena has turned our hero down. Again! Wonder why?
Thirsty, is it?
Hungry kya?
Oh, Oh, that was a disaster. Will Rahul be able to win Meena's heart?
Try Again
Score! Meena looks impressed with our hero Rahul! Your advice was spot on!
Try Again
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